3rd Sector Assembly

3rd Sector Assembly Annual Conference

Click to see powerpoints of the presentations from Jackie Mould on future Be Birmingham programmes and Ann Blackmore of NCVO on the voluntary sector and the new political landscape.

3rd Sector Assembly

Read the Latest 3rd Sector Assembly News. Click links for further information:-


Jackie Mould Presentation – 3rd Sector Assembly June 2010

The Third Sector and the Funding Cuts



Community Assets Transfer For information related to the City Council Scheme for transferring Community Assets to 3rd Sector Organisations click the following 5 documents:-

Community builders_birmingham fund – Powerpoint Presentation


Community Asset Powerpoint Presentation – 23-3-10


Visible Communities Powerpoint Presentation

Total Place Pilot Project

The 3rd Sector Assembly summit on 15th Jan 10 discussed the Total Place Pilot Project to take place in Birmingham. The purpose of the summit was to:-

1)    Create awareness of the Birmingham Total Place pilot amongst the third sector
2)    Determine what Total Place might mean for the third sector and how the sector can contribute to Total Place outcomes
3)    Establish how the statutory sector engages with the third sector throughout the process

Total Place is an ambitious and challenging programme. By mapping the total public expenditure in an area the programme aims to identify significant efficiencies and savings and answer the simple question: “can we do better for less?”  Total Place aims to achieve three things:

1.    To create service transformations that can improve the experience of local residents and deliver better value
2.    To deliver early efficiencies to validate the work
3.    To develop a body of knowledge about how more effective cross agency working delivers the above

Birmingham has been named as a Total Place Pilot area and the initial areas of focus around service delivery are:
•    Services for people with learning difficulties
•    Services for people with mental health
•    Early intervention (children and young people)
•    Drugs and alcohol misuse (including the impact on families)
•    Guns and gangs
•    Poolway: A demonstration project designed to deliver a whole community approach

Access reports of the presentations by clicking:-



TSA Total Place Report

3rd Sector Organisations Governance and Legal Structures

To read the powerpoint presentation prepared by Rachel Gwynne and Emma Fitzgerald of Anthony Collins, Solicitors click:-



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