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Find out about 5 new funding opportunities:-

a) SITA funding to enhance community facilities


b) LloydsTSB funding for older people’s charities


c) Funding for Sports


d) BIG (lottery) funding for people with multiple needs



Read about Birmingham City Council’s initiative to deal with youth unemployment:-


Find out about about volunteering opportunities for advocacy for the disabled and vulnerable:-


Read the latest about responsibility for Care Housing:-


Read the latest Birmingham Jubilee Debt Campaign Newsletter:-

JDC Noticeboard 83

Get your faith leaders to sign the Jubilee for Justice petition:-


Have your say about the future of Healthwatch:-

The Healthwatch consultation

Read the summary of the draft Birmingham Joint Strategic Needs Assesssment:-


Have your say in the Charity Commission’s consultation on the public benefit of voluntary organisations:-


Have your say about Birmingham City Council’s grant application process:-


Read about the research of voluntary organisations’ quality standards


Find out about Lloyds/TSB grants for services for disadvantaged people:-


Enter The Guardian Charity Awards:-


Find about the Big Lottery fund to combat youth unemployment:-


Find out about funding opportunities on the BVSC Open-4 Community website:-


Read the Update on the BeBirmingham Social inclusion initiative:-


Read about the BeBirmingham Social Inclusion initiative led by the Bishop of Birmingham:-

Social inclusion process Overview for summit

Read the 3rd Sector Assembly Presentations on Community Asset Transfer:-



Read the 3rd Sector Assembly Presentations on Community Safety Partnership:-


Read the 3rd Sector Assembly Presentations on Birmingham City Council Devolution:-


Read the 3rd Sector Assembly Presentations on Localism and the Voluntary Sector:-


Read the 3rd Sector Assembly Presentations onommon Assessment Framework for Children and Young People:-

3rd Sector Assembly CYPs Network Feb12 v4 Donna

Read the Presentations from the Birmingham Health and Wellbeing Summit:-


Read about BVSC’s new website:-

BVSC launches new website

Read about Bthe changes to BVSC’s VCS Matters and Children and Young Peoples’ Network:-


Read the latest JDC Noticeboard 79 and 80:-

JDC Noticeboard 79

JDC Newsletter_80

Read the System plan for the Birmingham and Solihull NHS Cluster:-


Read the statement of the 3rd Sector  Assembly Champions on the financial cuts:-


Get involved with the Birmingham Community Crime reduction network:-


Read the latest Jubilee Debt Noticeboard:-

JDC Noticeboard 77

Comment on the Government’s neighbourhood planning proposals:-

Neighbourhood planning consultation-11-10

Access BVSC’s Free On-line  organisational health check:-

B VSC-FreeCapacityBuildingSupport-11-10

Have your say about Birmingham Community Healthcare Trust’s proposals for Foundation status:-


Have your say about the Big Lottery Fund:-


Find about funding for the Reclaim our Streets Initiative:-


Read about the Community First Fund:-


Read the notes of the Sept 2011 3rd Sector Assembly Meeting:-


Read Greg Clarke’s views on the Big Society:-


Read Nick Hurd’s paper on the Big Society:-


Find out the latest information from the JDC:-


You are invited to respond to the consultation on the establishment of the Birmingham Community Health Foundation Trust:-


Access the latest funding opportunities:-


Read these 8 Briefing Papers produced by the Regional Public Health Group on different aspects of public health:-








Respond to this request for examples of good practice:-


The ACEVO Commission on Youth Unemployment,  chaired by Rt. Hon. David Miliband MP, wants to hear your views:-


Looking for Funds – See New Funding Opportunities:-


Check out these sources of funding:-


Read the Government’s Think Local (personalisation) update:-


Read the Government’s Response to the NHS Listening Exercise:-


Read the Dilnot Report on proposed changes to social care:-


Read the Government’s update on Healthy Lives, Healthy People (Public Health White paper):-


4 Documents have been issued on the involvement of 3rd Sector organisatins in the JSNA (Joint Strategic Needs Assessment) process:-

JSNA Policy-11-8

JSNA Template for Engagement-11-8

JSNA Template for Engagement Voluntary-11-8

JSNA-Commissioning in Partnership=11-8

Read the guidance on the Way Ahead for Civil Society Organisations:-


Read the Guidance on the Governments Transforming Local Infrastructure Fund:-


Catch up with the 3rd Sector News:-


Read the Update on Diversity and Equality:-


Respond to the City Council’s consultation on 3rd Sector involvement:-


Read about new Government money to fund the Big Society:-


Access the Government’s White Paper on giving to charities and comment by 1st July:-

Giving White Paper

New sources for funds:-


Read the JDC Newsletter:-

JDC News-11-6

Read the Interfaith Annual Review:-

Inter Faith Network Annual Review 2009-10

Read the NCVO Newsletter:-


Access NCVO’s code for good governance in voluntary & community services at:-

Access the guidance of the role of the NHS in safeguarding adults. Click:-


Explore new sources of funding for voluntary & community services. Click:-

New Sources of Funding

 Also check the new website from NCVO, Funding Central, which provides access to thousands of funding opportunities at:-


View the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment Briefing. Click:-


Read the summary of points from the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment  consultation held in March. Click:-

Towards a new Joint Strategic Needs Assessment

Read the Department of Health letter establishing Public Health England:-


Read the guidance on the legal status of GP Consortia:-


Read about the establishment of the Birmingham & Solihull NHS Cluster Board. Click:-


Read the advice from the NHS Board on how the Government’s NHS Listening Exercise is being handled.  Comments must be sent in by 31st May. We will post the submission from RAWM following the recent workshop as soon as this is available. Click:-


Read the main points from the Health & Social Care Bill:-


Read the main points from the Public Health White Paper:-


Read the presentations from the Health & Wellbeing Summit on Public Health & Housing:-

Clr Sue Anderson:- BHWP-Smt-CllrAndersonPrstn-11-1

Jim McManus’:- BHWP-Smt-PblcHlth-JMcManusPrsntn-11-1

Jacky Chambers:- BHWP-Smt-JChambersPrstn-11-1

Samar Mukherjee:- BHWP-Smt-MukherjeePrstn-11-1

Sarah Davis:-  BHWP-Smt-SDavis-11-1

Elaine Elkington:- BHWP-Smt-Elkington-11-1

Peter Hay:- BHWP-Smit-PHay-11-1

Catch up with GP Consortia and the Transition. Click:-


View the BVSC Report 0n Community Cohesion. Click:-


Read the Community Development Foundation Update. Click:-


View the City Housing Partnership Cohesion Report. Click:-


Read about Equality Delivery System.

Summary Proposals:- EDS Summary Proposals

Notes of RAWM meeting:-NHS-WstMdlnds-EDS-CnslttnNts-11-2

Powerpoint presentation:- NHS-EDC-DlvrySytm-Pwrpnt-11-2

Powerpoint presentation:- NHSEqltyDlvrySystm-pwrpnt-11-2

W. Mids implementation plan:- NHS-WMdlnds-EDS-ImplmntnPln-10-12

Objectives & Outcomes:- EqltyDlvrySystm-CmsnrsObjctvs&Outcms-11-2

Read Presentation on Public Law & the Cuts. Click:-

Public Law & the Cuts-11-2

Respond to the City Council’s Consultation on Legal Entitlement Advice Services by 30th March. Click:-

Consultation on Legal Entitlement Advice Services

Read BVSC Big Society Briefing:-


Read the Munro Review on Child Protection. Click:-


Apply for the Daily Telegraph, in partnership with the Royal Bank of Scotland new grants programme to support community and amateur sports clubs across the country. Applications until 30 Nov 2011. Click:-

Amateur Sports Clubs Grants

Apply for a grant from Children in Need. Applications by 11 April. Click:-

BBC Children in Need

Apply for a Comic Relief grant. Click:-

Comic Relief UK Grants Programme

The Yapp Charitable Trust makes small grants, for running costs and salaries, to small registered charities in England and Wales to help sustain their existing work. For more information click:-

The Yapp Charitable Trust

Download the JDC (Jubilee Debt Campaign) Newsletter:-


View Councillor Alan Rudge’s Speech on what makes communities work. Delivered at Aston University on 8th December 2010. Click:-

Councillor Rudge’s speech – What Makes Communities Work -10-12

If you are by confused by the use of acronyms and jargon, you may find these acronym and jargon busters helpful. Just click:-

Acronym Buster

Jargon Buster

Read all about the ‘Big Society’ in the Decentralisation and Localism Bill.  Click:-


There are many changes occurring in health and social care. Read the Health and Social Care Bill currently being discussed in Parliament and the timeline for implementation.  Click:-


NHS Reform (JAN2011)10 Time line

Read about the Goverment’s Public Health proposals. Presentation from Dr Jacky Chambers, Director of Public Health, HoB PCT.  Click:-

BHW Summit – Jacky Chambers

Read about Public Health and Commissioning from Dr Jim McManus, Joint Director of Public Health, BCC. Click:-

BHW Summit – Jim McManus

Read about the GPs role in commissioning public health from Dr Samar Mukherjee,Newtown GP.  Click:-

BHW Summit – Dr Samar Mukherjee

Read the presentaion on the relationship between public health and housing from Sarah Davis, Senior Policy and Practice Officer, Chartered Institute of Housing.  Click:-

BHW Summit – Sarah Davis

Read about the current programme of the Birmingham Health & Wellbeing Summit from Peter Hay, Strategic Director, Adults & Community Services.  Click:-

BHW Summit – Peter Hay

Leaflet and Letter about Phoenix Futures – and organisation to help people affected by substance misuse:-



The Ben Kinsella Fund to assist young people in running anti-knife crime activities:-

Ben Kinsella Fund

Consultation on Information Technology in the Health Service:-

DHSP-Event Reports_Nov2010

Read the latest information on Joint Strategic Needs Assessment:-

FINAL Spatial Planning for Health – A guide to embedding the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment in spatial planning

Read the latest circular on the proposed Healthwatch to replace LINK:-


Read the latest consultation on BME health:-


See the Inequalities in Health diagram:-

Marmot diagram

Read the new Public Health briefing:-

RV_Public Health briefing_Dec10

Read about the latest Grassroots Grants:-

Grassroots Grants

General Briefings


EHRC-Rprt-How Fair is Britain-10-10


Faith-based charities

Faith-based charities form a significant part of the charitable sector. The beneficiaries of these charities can be counted in their millions, and they make a huge contribution to communities across England and Wales.

The Charity Commission has produced interesting guidance on the governance issues facing faith organisations called “Faith in good governance”.  Organisations of most faiths can register a place of worship with the Registrar General. This is normally done through the Registrar’s office of the local authority and such registered places of worship are excepted from the need to register with the Charity Commission. What is widely misunderstood is that this exception from registration is very narrow and many normal parts of a church’s activity fall outside the exemption from registration and will need to be registered as a charity. So, for example, trust funds held for the maintenance of the building or for the payment of a minister’s salary will trigger a need for separate registration as a charity once annual income goes over £5,000 a year.

This section introduces guidance and other resources for faith-based charities.

Would you benefit from 16-17 year olds contributing to activities within your organisation?The Challenge is a youth and community summer programme for 16 year olds working to connect and inspire young people across Britain to strengthen their communities. For more information, please see

Our offer to you:

We believe the best way to pursue our ultimate aims is to connect our Challenge alumni with ways to stay engaged and continue their contribution to the community beyond the programme. ‘The Challenge with Distinction’ is our newly developed award and incentive for Challenge graduates to contribute 50 hours within 6-9 months with a community organisation or programme. It aims to aid the continued development of Challenge graduates, whilst providing new capacity to organisations whose efforts would benefit from increased young person participation.

If you would benefit from 16-17 year olds contributing to your organisation in a voluntary or participatory capacity and you have activities running in the South-west district of Birmingham, we are interested in hearing from you. It is not necessary that you have an existing programme readily available to this age group.

Please get in touch by either:

1) Emailing, or
2) Visiting



Attend a free training event for people working with young people:-


Attend an event to find out about Birmingham City Council’s approach to grant funding:-

Grant funding for services that support vulnerable adults

Attend an event to discuss the future of devolution and localisation:-

Future of Localisation & Devolution

Attend an event  find out more about services for people who are disabled:-

Penderels Trust Open Day

Attend an event to hear about excellence in public health:-

West Midlands Excellence in Public Health Conference 2012

Jubilee Debt Campaign

Jubilee Debt Campaign



JDC (Jubilee Debt Campaign) Newsletter


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NHS White Paper

Health White Paper, ‘Equity and Excellence: liberating the NHS’

The White Paper represents possibly the most radical restructuring of the NHS since its inception. It would transform how health care is commissioned, with around £80 billion pounds being transferred to new GP consortia.

To read the briefing paper click:- NHS White Paper-10-7

The policy agenda is far reaching and the timetable for implementation extremely ambitious – given the scale of change and the context of increasing financial pressures facing the service.

There are now 5 additional consultation papers on the NHS proposals. Click to view:-

Consultation 1 – Outcomes Framework

Consultation 2 – Local democratic legitimacy in health

Consultation 3 – Commissioning for Patients

Consultation 4 – regulating healthcare providers

Consultation 5 – HealthWatch Engagement Document – final

Read the local responses to the NHS White paper consultation:



Health White Paper Assembly response

Read 2 further consultation papers:-

1. The Effects of the Information Revolution


2. Greater Choice & Control for Consumers



3rd Sector Assembly

3rd Sector Assembly Annual Conference

Click to see powerpoints of the presentations from Jackie Mould on future Be Birmingham programmes and Ann Blackmore of NCVO on the voluntary sector and the new political landscape.

3rd Sector Assembly

Read the Latest 3rd Sector Assembly News. Click links for further information:-


Jackie Mould Presentation – 3rd Sector Assembly June 2010

The Third Sector and the Funding Cuts



Community Assets Transfer For information related to the City Council Scheme for transferring Community Assets to 3rd Sector Organisations click the following 5 documents:-

Community builders_birmingham fund – Powerpoint Presentation


Community Asset Powerpoint Presentation – 23-3-10


Visible Communities Powerpoint Presentation

Total Place Pilot Project

The 3rd Sector Assembly summit on 15th Jan 10 discussed the Total Place Pilot Project to take place in Birmingham. The purpose of the summit was to:-

1)    Create awareness of the Birmingham Total Place pilot amongst the third sector
2)    Determine what Total Place might mean for the third sector and how the sector can contribute to Total Place outcomes
3)    Establish how the statutory sector engages with the third sector throughout the process

Total Place is an ambitious and challenging programme. By mapping the total public expenditure in an area the programme aims to identify significant efficiencies and savings and answer the simple question: “can we do better for less?”  Total Place aims to achieve three things:

1.    To create service transformations that can improve the experience of local residents and deliver better value
2.    To deliver early efficiencies to validate the work
3.    To develop a body of knowledge about how more effective cross agency working delivers the above

Birmingham has been named as a Total Place Pilot area and the initial areas of focus around service delivery are:
•    Services for people with learning difficulties
•    Services for people with mental health
•    Early intervention (children and young people)
•    Drugs and alcohol misuse (including the impact on families)
•    Guns and gangs
•    Poolway: A demonstration project designed to deliver a whole community approach

Access reports of the presentations by clicking:-



TSA Total Place Report

3rd Sector Organisations Governance and Legal Structures

To read the powerpoint presentation prepared by Rachel Gwynne and Emma Fitzgerald of Anthony Collins, Solicitors click:-


Regional 3rd Sector Strategic Forum

Regional 3rd Sector Strategic Forum

The results of the election to Forum were announced on 18th March 2010. We are please to note that Jane Gallagher, who is a member of the BCF Executive was among the 17 successful candidates listed below.

Susan Barter, Chair & Vicar
St Pauls Community Project (Crossover 619)

Steve Blick, Regional Manager – West Midlands
Age Concern and Help the Aged

Eddie Currall, European Project Advisor
West Midlands European Network

Ian Darch, Chief Executive
Wolverhampton Voluntary Sector Council

Yvonne Davies, Chief Executive
Birmingham Citizens Advice Bureau Service

Jane Gallagher, P/T Development Manager
West Midlands Faiths Forum

Sajid Hashmi, Chief Executive
Voluntary Action Stoke-on-Trent

Caroline Leighton, Operations Director – Staffordshire, Warwickshire & West Midlands, British Red Cross

Jennifer McNeil, Company Director
Mentoring for Educational Achievement

Yvonne Palmer, Operations Director
Birmingham Community Foundation

Christine Parkinson, Trustee and Director
Bethel Health & Healing Network

Lesley Pattenson, Chair/Committee Member
Northfield Stroke Club, Friends of Manor Farm Park, Pink Sou’westers, Rainbow Voices and 4wards community newspaper

Dave Pinwell, CEO
SUSTAiN Consortium Solihull

Liz Reynolds, Development Manager
Stafford District Voluntary Services

Paul Tolley, Chief Executive
Warwickshire Community and Voluntary Action

Amrick Singh Ubhi, Director
Nishkam Centre

Rose Vakis, Director
Lichfield and District Community & Voluntary Sector Support

PIAG (Public Involvment Action Group (Primary Health Care

In common with other PCTs (Primary Care Trusts)  South Birmingham PCT have separated their commissioning function from their provider function (health visitors, district nurses, etc) . This powerpoint presentation describes the process tpwards establishing the Community Health Trust as a Foundation Trust.

SBCH NHS Trust Status Presentation to PIAG

on the 18th June

The following document reports on issues related to patient safety:-

Patient safety June 2010

The following document reports on a range of issues related to thhe provision of services to patients:-

Patient Exp report final version Q4 09 10

Read the Customer Care Standards for the Birmingham Community Health Trust:-PCT-CustomerCareStandards-10-10You are hereHome / Briefings / Outcomes