Welcome to the 3rd Sector site for the Birmingham Council of Faiths. We participate in a number of 3rd sector organisations to raise the profile offaith organisations in the 3rd sector (voluntary and community services) and to ensure that faith voices are heard. These organisations include the BVSC (Birmingham Voluntary Services Council) of which Peter is a director and trustee, and the 3rd Sector Assembly including the Health and Social Care Network and VCS Matters (the network for children and young people). We also represent BCF at the BeBirmingham Health and Wellbeing Partnership and PIAG (Public Involvement Action Group) which meets regularly with representatives of the Birmingham Community Healthcare Trust. The 3rd Sector Assembly meetings are open to members of affiliated organistions including BCF, although only the nominated representatives can vote.

If you have any views or questions on any of these issues please feel free to place them on this noticeboard or contact us by e-mail at pjrookes@gmail.com.

You can access the Birmingham Council of Faiths website by clicking:- http://www.bhamfaiths.org.uk/

This noticeboard continues to be work in progress. We decided that it was more important to launch it to give you, the members of BCF, access to the information it contains, rather than wait until we had created the perfect information site.


Peter & Jean

Dr. Peter Rookes PhD. MPH. DHSA. FETC. RCNT. RGN. RNMH

Mrs Jean Rookes MA. BEd. BSc.

3rd Sector Liaison Officers

Birmingham Council of Faiths

More photos of the Faiths for Fun can be viewed below.

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